Your Ideas, Our Resources

We understand that getting a startup off the ground can be quiet challenging, but technology shouldn't be one of the reason why an entrepreneur quits chasing their dream.

Startups have to go through numerous hurdles throughout its lifecycle and we are here to help them guide through these obstacles by partnering up with them throughout this process. Lets first take a look at how Incubators functions and what sets StartITmode apart from the rest of the competition:

How do Incubators function and how can it help my startup get off the ground?
​Incubators are organizations which partners up with startups to help drive their Idea from a prototype to a functional product.
For most Incubators, there work stops at the product implementation, but not us. We at StartITmode work with our entrepreneurs throughout the process which can range from the inititial prototype to securing seed funding and providing further guidance on setting up the organizations structure.

What type of industries do StartITmode specialize in?
We work with enterpreneurs from various sectors and walks of life. Whether you have an idea to develop a phone application or would like to build a unique online ecommerce store, we can help you do that. Applicants with thorough understanding of there business have a higher rate of acceptance into our program regardless of the sector that there business is in.

What should the startup that gets accepted into our program expect?
If we decide to partner up with you in building your startup, we expect you to be working at it full time. We are true believers that entrepreneurship is not a part time gig. You have to be dedicated 100% and be able to work with our technical team and senior management on a daily basis to build your startup.
Each startup depending on their size and product will get a technical team assigned to them who would be working closely with the enterpreneurs in building their product.
Enterpreneur will get a weekly update on the progress of their product. The startup will also be part of our investor relationship team, where they would have the luxury to meet and discuss their ideas with various investors from Silicon Valley.

What's the average timeframe that startITmode allocates towards building a startup?
On Average, StartITmode will spend anywhere from 14 to 20 weeks on each startup. Of course that timeframe can change if there is a change in scope per new demands or shift in the business model.

Technology Services that we offer to startups?
Our diverse team of developers, designers, architects, electrical/mechanical engineers, DBA's & QA's have the skillsets to meet any type of technological demand in the industry. We pride ourselves in keeping our team up to date with the recent shift in technology and making sure that we are as efficient as possible when it comes to implementing these technologies in our startups.

Who should apply to our Program?
Whether you are in the Idea phase or have already implemented some parts of your startup, we can help you. All we expect from our enterpreneurs is to have the proper understanding of their business and the market which they are entering. So in other words, Market Research!
Entrepreneurs who studies their competition are very likely to succeed than the ones who do not spend time in learning from its competition.
Simply Email us at to request an application which you would need to fill out in order to be considered for our program.
Once we receive the application, we would then schedule an over the phone meeting to review your startup in more detail.
After the final review, we will invite the enterpreneur to meet our team in person and start working on his/her startup.

Incase you have more questions regarding our Program:
Please reach out to us at with any questions that you might have regarding our program. We are looking forward to working with you in turning your Idea into a practical and functioning business.​